Work with Jake

I coach founders who are considering or executing an M&A process, either to actively pursue an exit or simply to benchmark the value of their company. Either way, founders should have the best tools available as they navigate one of the most high-stakes, high-pressure and nuanced periods in a startup's lifecycle.

Unlike a banker, I operate behind the scenes, helping founders develop a competitive process, communicate their company's value clearly and negotiate effectively. Also unlike a banker, the coaching model allows us to engage long before LOIs are in hand and the story is already written. I work with founders as they develop their target lists and build interest, dramatically improving the chances of success once the official process begins.

Why I do this work

Running a startup is already a tumultuous and often lonely job, but the acquisition process can be particularly challenging. Executing a well-run process requires an esoteric skill set, forcing founders to learn on the job while the stakes are highest. And while exits can be life-changing events, it's not just about return on investment – founders must grapple with managing expectations, taking take of their teams and what life after their startup might mean.

At the same time, investor and founder incentives can diverge, especially for companies that have yet to find stratospheric growth. Communication with cofounders and team members gets complicated, if it can happen at all. And many advisors lack the specific experience necessary or are too busy to engage heavily.

I'm incredibly grateful for the coaches I had had in my corner when selling my companies, and I'd like to ensure that more founders have access to expertise that's uncompromisingly in their corner from first conversation to close.

Why me?

I'm formerly Cofounder and CEO of two venture-backed companies, both with exits to strategic acquirers. I've also been on the other side of the table, purchasing two companies during my time at those strategics and have been exposed to many other acquisitions as an advisor and investor.

Playing the game well is one thing, but I also deeply understand what it's like to be in the founder's seat during that time.

Should we explore working together? Let me know below.


Startup M&A resources for founders


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